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  Salta City Tour | From USD 30 per person
The tour of Salta, the most colonial city in Argentina, including the Cathedral, an example of the old Spanish architecture.
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  Safari to the Clouds | USD 220 per person
Come with us on an incredible safari into the clouds organized by MoviTrack Safaris & Turismo. This is a completely different experience! Owner Frank Neumann and his wife Heike discovered the Argentinian North during their honeymoon on an old Jeep around 1991.
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  Cachi Full Day | USD 75 per person
This circuit takes you through the Lerma Valley up to "El Carril", where we then start going west. After Chicoana, the trip continues along the "Quebrada de Escoipe" (Escoipe Ravine). You will be delighted with the panoramic views as the vehicle climbs the "Cuesta del Obispo" (Bishop Slope).
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  Quebrada de Humahuaca | From USD 95 per person
Early Departure to Quebrada de Humahuaca. Ocher, green, blue... that colors characterize Quebrada de Humahuaca: 130 kilometers of natural beauty on both sides of Rio Grande; a range of imposing tones displaying on the mountainsides. The weather is dry and wonderful; it is rarely cloudy.
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  Salinas Grandes | USD 142 per person
Description: This excursion gives you the possibility to combine three different circuits in the Northwest of Argentina in one day. The first one, the "Way to the Clouds", follows the famous railway track of the "Train to the Clouds" through the "Quebrada del Toro" (Bull's Ravine) up to San Antonio de los Cobres.
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  Cafayate Full Day | USD 70 per person
The excursion departs from Salta to the South, with tobacco plantations to the right and to the left hand.
The first attraction is the Dique Cabra Corral, an impressive "water mirror". Continuing, we will cross the Quebrada del R´┐Żo Las Conchas or Quebrada de Cafayate, with spectacular and natural formations like the amphitheater, characterized by its particular acoustics. We will finally arrive into Cafayate, where we will have a special sightseeing of the town and its wine cellars, that produce the "torront´┐Żs", a typical argentinian white fruity wine.

USD 55 per person
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