Destinations » Ushuaia » Unique Experiences » Full Day at Lago Escondido & Fagnano :: From USD 75 per person

Get ready to cross the Andes Range. Yes! This excursion takes us to travel around a wide variety of landscapes. In all cases the forest accompanies us. When we leave Ushuaia, we stop to watch the whole Old Prison; we go past the industrial area and once we go deep into the forest, Velo de la Novia Waterfall will surprise us. On bordering Olivia Mount base, the imposing Alvear Hill can be seen at the front with its eternal snow and a huge peat bog valley at its base. This valley is called Carbajal Valley that later changes its name into Tierra Mayor and Las Cotorras. When the road goes past Rancho Hambre, the ascent starts. At 430 metres over sea level, in Garibaldi Pass, we can enjoy an unforgettable view of Escondido and Fagnano Lakes. We descend towards Escondido Lake shore where Petrel Inn is located.