Destinations » Buenos Aires » Unique Experiences » Graffitti Tour (Buenos Aires Stencil Street Art and Grafitti) :: USD 45 per person

The graffitimundo tour is for everyone interested in seeing a different side of Buenos Aires and all graffiti & street art lovers.

Our walk takes us to hidden walls and galleries where we see graffiti art, stencils, wheatpastes and paintings. The walls tell their own story about the city and burst with creativity, colour and life. Through the art you'll learn about the history of Argentina and reasons for this explosion of artistic talent. We finish the tour in the city's only graffiti bar where affordable artwork is available to purchase.

When Group tours run on Wednesdays and Fridays. Private tours can be arranged for Thursdays or Saturdays.

Time Start to finish: 4pm - 6.30pm approx.

Transportation to meeting point not included. Regular tour

Private tours available upon demand.